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onwards we are awarded as a ISO Certified Company
Presently 14 project in Hand We were awarded 3790 Kms Pipeline Survey recently.

Carrier:  We require qualified Surveyors, Asst. Surveyors.
Megastar Survey is specialized in seabed mapping and ocean/coastal survey. The company is headed by qualified technical team, who has experience more 8 years in Middle East like UAE, Saudi and Qatar, worked with reputed clients.

Megastar survey and consultant owns and operates some of the survey equipments, which are of internationally accepted standards. These are operated by experienced systems engineers for survey operations. The technical personnel working in the organization encompass all streams and consist of hydrographic surveyors, land surveyors, geophysicists, system engineers, data processors and CAD operators etc.

Our survey personnel have been trained in the multidiscipline’s of surveying, equipment operation and maintenance and the processing and presentation of results. With access on demand to 24hr technical support available from the Megastar survey group, you can be confident your survey requirement is in safe, professional and accurate hands. Our nearshore survey approach provides a highly cost effective platform with exceptional versatility that can be adapted and tailored to precisely match your project requirements.

Our survey vessel can be fitted with a basic survey package of DGPS positioning with Hypack navigation software and single beam echo sounder.
Seabed Engineering Surveys & Oceanographic Studies:-
Bathymetry survey
Shallow seismic & Sonar surveys (Geophysical)
Current, Wave & Tide Observations
Mapping of HTL and LTL
Cable Route surveys
Pre and Post Dredge survey
Debris clearance survey
Equipments and software:-
Echo sounder
Single beam Echo sounder
Side Scan sonar
Dual Frequency Side scan sonar
Recording and processing
Wave and tide
Self recording wave and tide gauge
Water sampler
Nansen’s water Sampler
Soil sampler
Pipeline Route Surveys
Navigation clearance survey
Reservoir Management
Site surveys for Offshore Structures
Port & Harbour Development
Beach erosion &littoral drift, siltation studies
Offshore Pipe laying
Submarine and marine installations
The objective of a Road project is to establish the easiest, shortest and the most economical line of communication between the obligatory points which will have the minimum cost of construction and Maintenance.
Topographic Survey and staking out the Alignment centerline
Preparing LS , CS and Site plan Drawings++
Preparation of Bill Of Quantities
Preparation of Bills, and assisting in  Bill Checking and Approval of Bills
Traffic Inventory and Condition survey
Preparation of ASBUILT drawings
Supervision Assistance during the construction for
Hill Roads
Other Roads
Road widening and strengthening+
Transmission Route Alignment Survey using GPS
Detailed Survey using Electronic Total Station  & DGPS
Tower Profiling using PLSCAD Software  and Tower Spotting
Check Survey using Electronic Total Station & GPS
Executed more than 5500 KMS
Study and Check the plans and special provisions
Planning Assistance in layout and staking out the sequence of constructions work
Staking out Footings, piers and other structural markings
Assisting in Developing Landscape master plan
Survey Assistance in Architectural Planning & Design of followings
Administrative office Buildings
Hospital Buildings
Taking up the survey for collecting the details such as Topo details, highest flood level, ordinary flood level, low water level, bed level, the nature of the soils and various strata down below the depth of foundation
Preparing the contour plan of the stream showing all the topographical features on either side of up & Down stream that might influence the location and design of the bridge
Preparing cross sections and longitudinal section of up & down stream which is essential for designing waterway of bridge
Study of possible behavior of the river/stream
Bore hole exploration  for soil stratification
Triangulation Survey for tunnel constructions
Survey, Planning and Designing Assistance  of the Macro/Micro Irrigation Network with covering maximum Command Area
Command area survey
Water needs estimates
Preparing Plans and Sections Drawings of Network
Earthwork calculations, rate analysis and bill of quantities
Setting out and staking of alignment, apex points, etc.
Land width calculation and rehabilitation of sub-merged area
Construction supervision
Lift Irrigation Schemes, Small Storages, Diversions, Weirs etc.
Hydraulic model study for flood control
Survey and investigation, testing for physical and chemical properties of water
Taking up the Survey of existing and Proposed Water Supply
Preparing contour plan of a town showing water mains, branches, valves, service reservoirs, pumping stations, boosters, roads and streets and etc
Preparation of LS and CS Drawings
Preparing index map of each zone showing the line of mains and distributing piping and sites of filter beds, settling tanks, service reservoirs, pumping house, etc
Preparation of project estimates for water supply
Preparation of layout plan of whole area within which the building are to be erected with existing buildings and drains upon it.
Taking up survey for collecting ground levels and the lowest floor level in each separate building
Taking up the Survey of existing drains or sewers for collecting the data such as the size, invert levels and direction of flow of drain or sewers
Topographic survey, Hydrological survey and environmental survey Assistance in designing of following
Cargo and Container Terminals
Marine structures
Navigational  canals and Channels
Setting out and staking of alignments
Reconnaissance Survey for route selection
Preliminary & Final Location Survey
Optimization of Alignment Plan & Profile
Assisting in Track Geometry Design and Detail Engineering
Hydrological Studies for Bridges/Tunnels
Assisting in Costing and Tender Evaluation
Supervision Assistance in Construction Management
Preparation of  Plans and  Sections
Surveying and Designing Assistance in the following
Taxiways and Aprons
Drainage Systems
Passenger and Cargo Terminals
Airside and Landside Facilities
Our Main objectives
Integrated Geological  and Mineral Exploration:-
Topographical and contour survey to delineate the ore body and to identity lateral variation of the mineral bearing formations.
Geo Physical Prospecting in the way of vertical electrical sounding and electric resistivity testing (ERT) to identify the vertical inhomogeneties of the mineral bearing formation along with geo electrical layers.
Geo Chemical Prospecting: - different modes of sampling and analysis the same to classified the grades of minerals as per the recent market conditions.
Core drilling, logging and sampling for all kinds of minerals as per the mode of orgin, Stratigraphical and Petrological setting of the formation.
Technological Evaluation of Mineral Resource and Reserves:- (ore reserves estimation, classification of grades and sub grades, economical evaluation and viability of the mineral as per the present market scenario)
Comprehensive Ground Water Management:-
Integrated hydro-geological studies for industries, factories, infrastructure projects and housing projects.
Geo-Hydrological studies for the mines as per the standard prescribed by Ministry of Environment and Forest.
Identifying the potential stations for the extraction of groundwater for individual houses and agricultural lands.
Integrated water analysis as per the standards prescribed by the Ministry of Environment and Forest.
Mine Plan and Mine Design:-
Preparation of mining plan and progressive mine closure plan  for all kinds of minerals(Metallic, Non-Metallic and Industrial Minerals) for “A” category and “B” category mines as per the prescribed standards of Indian Bureau of Mines, Govt. Of India.
Preparation of Scheme of Mining, Final Mine Closure Plan for all kinds of minerals for “A” category and “B” category mines as per the prescribed standards of Indian Bureau of Mines, Govt. Of India.
Baseline information for the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan as required by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, New Delhi.
Technological Evaluation of Mineral Resource and Reserves as per United Nations Framework Classification System  and JORC Code
Geological Due Diligence
Some of our prestigious projects abroad:-
Integrated geological exploration for Iron ore projects in VOI, Kenya.
Geological Exploration of Gypsum in Islamic Republic of Somali Land.
Copper Exploration in Republic of Somali Land.
Iron ore Exploration in Ethiopia.
Integrated Coal Exploration in Ethiopia.
Comprehensive Geological Exploration and Mineral Evaluation in Masira, Sultanate  of  Oman.
Preparation of detailed project report of Calcite bearing lands in Sri Lanka.
Marble Exploration in Italy.
Magnesite Exploration in Kenya.
The company is well equipped with high Profile Exploration Geologist, Mining Engineers and latest instruments (Geo physical and Geo Chemical Instruments) and machineries(Co-drilling machines) with relevant softwares for conducting an integrated Geological Exploration, Mineral Mapping(differential GPS) with Technical Evaluation to ascertain the resource and reserves as per the UNFC and JORC Code.
Reconnaissance and Route Optimization
Centerline and Detailed Route Survey
Soil Stratification
Environment Impact Assessment Studies
Field Survey and Investigations
Social Surveys covering Public Information Consultation
Assisting in Rehabilitation and Resettlement Plan
Participating in Public Hearing
Domain Expert
Survey Engineers
Assistant Surveyors
CAD Engineers
Admin Officers
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